August 31st, 2020 / Jayant Raj Singh

What is JAMstack?

What is JAMstack and why should I care?

JAMstack is a modern web-development architecture that contains strictly client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt markup. With JAMstack, developers can develop apps only using front-end technologies without setting up servers and back-end.
Thanks to recent development of serverless platforms such as firebase, Google Cloud Functions, Amazon Lambda Functions which enables API integrations from front-end itself.

The best thing about JAMstack in my opinion is the that you don't have to pay any initial amount to get started.

Why I like JAMstack so much?

My first interaction to JAMstack I would say was when I was experimenting with Dialogflow. I developed a small chatbot, used Google Cloud Functions as backend, deployed it firebase hosting (all without paying any money).

This website (inspired by brevifolia-gatsby-forestry) you are on (webjayant); Developed using Gatsby, and forestry CMS; deployed on Netlify.

JAMstack gives power to front-end developers to experiment and expand.

JAMstack main features

  1. Performance

    Since the site is build in JavaScript, it gives a major speed advantage when loaded from CDN.

  2. No Back-end Needed

    Not having to manage your own back-end infrastructure saves time, effort, and cost.

  3. Security

    As we are using third party APIs developed by domain experts, security is never a concern

  4. Ease of development

    Using third party services to handle most of the initial setup, it gives us the freedom to focus on more important aspects.

Further reading

Below are some resources for further reading:

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